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Vero Dock is a full-service residential and commercial marine contractor. Local, Licensed & Insured; the team at Vero Dock has more than 50 years combined experience in the marine and construction industries. 

   Services include:

 • Docks & Repairs 
 • Hurricane Boat Lifts
 • Dock Resurfacing 
 • Design & Permitting 
 • Dock Lighting & Electric 
 • Maintenance & Cleaning 
 • Accessories & Hardware 

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Vero Dock is a division of CORE General Contractors, Inc.; a State Certified General Contractor, Ron A. DeGrazia, President, Lic. # CGCA26812

Vero Dock carries general liability insurance in the amount of $2,000,000 General Aggregate, $1,000,000 Products/Completed Operations and $1,000,000 Personal Injury.

Vero Dock employees are covered by Workman’s Compensation Insurance, including required Longshore, commonly referred to as USL&H/Jones Act.
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 New Docks & Repairs 
Vero Dock is a full service marine contractor specializing in docks, boat lifts and seawalls.  
Services include:
  • new dock construction, dock repair, renovation and maintenance,
  • new boat lift installation, boat lift repair and maintenance,
  • new seawall construction and seawall repair.
Contact us for a FREE inspection and FREE maintenance plan proposal.      

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 Dock Resurfacing 
Make your dock new again with Dock Resurfacing.  Vero Dock offers several decking options; Pressure Treated LumberIpe (Brazillian Hardwood), Trex®, etc. 
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 Design & Permitting
Vero Dock offers in-house (cad) design and permitting services.  Typically; state and/or local permitting is required for all new dock construction and resurfacing (with a few exceptions). 
Contact us for a FREE review; we will know what permits (if any) are required.

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 Dock Lighting & Electric
Vero Dock has access to a vast selection of dock lighting products, including security lighting, cameras, etc. and employs only licensed and insured electrical contractors to perform all work. 

 Maintenance & Cleaning 
Docks and lifts are a considerable investment and constantly exposed to extreme elements; sun, salt, wind, waves, birds, etc. For this reason; Vero Dock offers a maintenance program customized to you and your needs.

Ideal for seasonal and year-round residents alike; Vero Dock protects your investment and keeps your dock and lift looking and operating perfectly. Plans range from quarterly to annually depending upon the level of maintenance desired.

Dock Program include:  
• visual inspection of the entire dock, 
• re-nail protruding nail heads, 
• replace damaged deck boards, 
• pressure clean the dock surface every six months

• apply penetrating sealer to dock surface once a year

Lift Program include:     
visual inspection of the entire lift, 
• complete check and operation of the lift, 
• grease the lift with marine grade products

 Contact us for a FREE inspection and FREE maintenance plan proposal. 772.234.4250

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 Accessories & Hardware 
Vero Dock has access to parts, accessories and hardware through manufacturers and suppliers worldwide.  Our Dock Accessories page has a small sampling of products. Don't see what you're looking for or need more info?  Contact Us  772.234.4250.

 USL&H: The Longshore Harbor Worker's Compensation Act is a federal act which provides employee benefits similar to State Act Workers Compensation to an employee engaged in maritime employment if any injury or death occurs upon navigable waters of the United States including any adjoining pier, wharf, dry dock, terminal, building way, marine railway, or other adjoining area customarily used by an employer in loading, unloading, repairing, dismantling or building a vessel. State Act Workers Compensation programs do not cover these types of employees and jurisdiction for USL&H falls under the United States Department of Labor. Compared to State Act programs, USL&H claims are subject to a more generous benefits schedule, compressed reporting schedules and increased penalties and fines for noncompliance. Suits and case law subsequent to the Act's original passage have continued to expand the eligibility and coverage for workers so that nearly any company operating on or near navigable waters will have USL&H exposure. USL&H provides medical and disability benefits as well as rehabilitation services. The Act also provides wrongful death benefits to survivors of a worker killed on the job.

JONES ACT: The Merchant Marine Act of 1920, more commonly known as the Jones Act, is a federal act which provides employee benefits similar to State Act Workers Compensation to masters and crew members of US flagged vessels. State Act Workers Compensation programs do not cover vessel crew and these employees can file suit against their employer for negligence, the negligence of a co-employee or the unseaworthy condition of a vessel under the Jones Act. Under the Jones Act, employees may bring suit for monetary award for the following damages: medical expense; pain and suffering, both physical and mental for the loss of a limb; mental anguish, depression or any other psychological injury; past loss income; and dollar for dollar loss in earning capacity.